Reiki sessions last approximately one hour.

Reiki works well with conventional medicine and other alternative therapies.  It does not interfere with any medications or any other treatments.  However, it can increase the effectiveness of other treatments and medications while decreasing negative side effects.

Reiki is equally effective for our animal companions.

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Reiki (ray-key) is a very gentle yet powerful Japanese technique for relaxation and stress relief. During treatment the client lays comfortably while the practitioner lays their hands on or above the clients body.  Reiki is a very safe, effective complementary therapy.  Reiki sessions are non-invasive and you, the client, remain fully clothed while receiving this wonderful treatment.

Reiki promotes: Deep relaxation – Releases Stress and Tension- Helps the body self-heal – Promotes restful sleep. Reiki may also Lower Blood Pressure, Alleviate Pain- Reduce medication side effects (i.e. chemotherapy) Assists with end of life issues.