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Kat's journey into the fitness field began when she was overweight and lost 50 lbs with the help of Weight Watchers.  She began working out and realized that her journey into better health was giving her a new passion.  She became a Weight Watchers leader and then studied  and became a Personal Trainer. She was the fitness coordinator at the Durango Hills YMCA for 3 years when she became a yoga instructor in 2001 and has been teaching yoga ever since.  She is a 200 Hour RYT and has been passionate about gaining new yoga knowledge ever since.  She is also a certified Three Minute Egg instructor and can guide you on the proper use of yoga props to help your yoga practice, as well as certified to teach trauma based yoga through  Warrior’s for Healing. All of this lead to her interest in holism and treating the whole body for optimum health. This is why she became a Holistic Stress Management Coach and started Anxious Mind.  Having first hand experience with PTSD, anxiety and depression she learned that there are many ways to cope without the use of pharmaceuticals and their side effects.  Some of the ways she copes with her PTSD symptoms are through the use of mindfulness based practices such as  meditation  as  well

strong and alleviate back issues and diminish a portion of pain, while the guided meditation can greatly help with calming the mind and anxiety commonly associated with PTSD.  Yoga and meditation are something Sherri swears by and knows can help and benefit others like herself with chronic pain. Along with her certification as a instructor for Yoga and Guided Meditation, she is also a certified Reiki ll practitioner, Mindfulness Coach, and she is one of only two people in the State Certified to teach trauma based yoga through Warriors for Healing. Reiki being a form of energy healing, used in Eastern Medicine and quickly catching on in the Western world as a huge benefit for a host of alignments including PTSD, anxiety, stress disorders, chronic pain, depression, emotional balancing, mental clarity, pain reduction, trauma, grief, loss, and many, many other concerns that can plague us during traumatic events. Additionally, Sherri lost her son suddenly during this hectic phase of her life and tried Reiki for grief, which is why she is here today to help others to know they-can survive and overcome anything in this life. Please join Sherri and any of the wonderful and experienced instructors on an amazing journey into yourself through Yoga.  Namaste 

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Sherri, like many of us has been practicing yoga and meditation for over two decades as a way to destress from a hectic work week in the Mortgage industry. However, It wasn’t until 2009 when she was in a terrible car accident that left her having several major back surgeries, including two fusions, discectomies, laminectomies and a host of other minor back procedures, barely being able to walk, or have the quality of life she was accustomed to and, with yoga being prescribed as a part of her physical therapy for the three and a half years of recovery, she made the conscious decision to become a yoga and guided meditation instructor to help others with debilitating back, spinal, hip, and leg injuries, as well anyone suffering with PTSD. Along, with the trauma Sherri suffered came something she didn’t expect or know how to deal with, something known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She found through her yoga certification and guided meditation training that it had an immense affect on her mental well being as well her physical ability. Yoga helps with building the core muscles allowing the back to stay

as  Yoga  and  Reiki.  Warriors f or  Healing  has  taught  her  to  empower  veterans, active duty military, first responders and other civilian’s suffering from PTSD to redevelop and redirect their minds to help ease their symptoms.  She loves sharing what she has learned with others in hopes that she can help with your PTSD, anxiety and/or depression.