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Trauma Yoga:   Trauma Yoga is a class designed to empower veterans, service members and anyone suffering from PTSD to redevelop their mind and ease the symptoms of combat stress.  This class is good for ANYONE with Trauma based PTSD & Anxiety.  (Veterans first 5 classes are free) 

Mindfulness Meditation:   Meditation will teach you to observe your thoughts without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life stress you out, mindfulness means living in the moment and experience your life thru a calming, grounding breath.  This class is good for anxiety, depression and PTSD episodes as well.

Reiki Circle:  
This is not a class but a way for you to experience the wonders of Reiki from our Reiki practitioners.  The sessions are done as a group beginning with a brief guided meditation to get your mind / body in the mood to receive healing energy from the universe.

Reiki I Certification Class:
Sat 10a- 4p $150
Reiki 1 Manual, the history of Reiki, Reiki Attunement for each student, How to do a complete Reiki treatment on yourself and others. Smudge, how to Balance Chakras with and without stones, Meditation with Reiki, hand positions for sharing of Reiki energy, how to use a pendulum, Byosen Scanning, self treatment and Reiki hand positions in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki method (the Dr. Usui method of natural healing).

Learn how to use singing bowls. Learn how to setup your own Reiki room,  you will receive a Reiki music CD and lots of one on one time with Reiki Master Sherri and your Reiki 1 Certificate.  We will also have a "Goodie Bag" with some special Reiki gifts for you to get you started on your new Reiki Journey. Massage therapist and those of you who practice yoga may also benefit from this class. There are no extra hidden charges and we will not try to sell you anything!  Please prepare yourself for a wonderful day !

"We will enjoy lots of energy sharing and a healthy lunch (we provide) as you embark on your Reiki journey!

Reiki ll Certification Class:
Sat 10a-5p - $200
Lets Get Started on the next level!  Do you want to learn how to become a Professional Reiki Practitioner? This class is for you.  Class includes Review of Reiki one class, your Reiki 2 Attunement, how to Sage Smudge, Reiki Meditation, distance healing, more about rocks and crystals, Reiki 2 Manual, and much more. You will learn the sacred Reiki II symbols and being attuned to use them as you become a Reiki Practitioner.  There will be lots of hands-on training and sharing of the Reiki energy so you can become an accomplished, Professional Reiki II Practitioner.

 You will learn and be able to treat others professionally with this wonderful natural healing energy by the end of the class.  We will also discuss how to start your own Reiki Practice and how to get a business license. You will even learn how to market yourself!  Once again a healthy lunch will be included at no extra charge. Lots of energy sharing as you move forward on your Reiki journey!  And again there will be some special Reiki gifts just for you.  (Heath care professionals may benefit from this class.) 
"Once again prepare yourself for another wonderful day!

Continue your journey to become a Reiki Master with the wonderful, natural energy healing benefits of level Reiki 3 and 4.  Scheduled By Request