Zero to Zen Gallery

**A note to our Veterans.  Although neither Sheri or Kat have been in the military and know exactly what you have been thru we love and respect you for what you have done for our country.  We can help you by helping to retrain your mind & body to be in more in the present moment and not always in a state of alert.  Please see the TED talk link on the Veterans page.

Fighting stress with Art and Wellness

The Art ​ on the walls at the Zero to Zen Gallery are all spiritual in nature.  When you come for a class or a Reiki session and you see one that speaks to you, there is a reason.  Art can take you away from your troubles and ground you in the present moment.

The relaxation techniques incorporated into our ​Trauma Yoga  classes will assist in lowering blood pressure and reduce insomnia for those who suffer from anxiety, PTSD and depression.   Our staff has first hand knowledge of pain, PTSD and anxiety and the benefits of a Trauma Yoga class and will share what they have learned to help you.

Reiki  is the life energy that flows through all living things. Reiki Practitioners understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and can use that energy to help heal themselves. Your Reiki Practitioner helps to funnel that energy to you to assist your own body in healing.  When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance. Reiki is equally effective for our animal companions as well. 

Zero to Zen's Cold Laser Therapy  treatment is safe, non-invasive, drug free and painless.  The laser acts as a calming agent helping to greatly reduce stress levels and restore balance.  And as everyone reacts differently to stress, the program is tailored to individual needs.  This means that, regardless of your stress level, we can help you achieve your goal. 

Meditation will help you live “in the moment” which has a way of making you feel calmer inside.   Our New Leaf Meditation instructor will teach you to observe your thoughts without judging them good or bad. Instead of letting your life pass you by, mindfulness means living in the moment and experience your life thru a calming, grounding breath.  If you are prone to anxiety, depression and PTSD episodes meditation will benefit you greatly.  (New Leaf Meditation is always free)